1.2 Billion $MCV

The $MCV tokens are deflationary.

There will never be 1.2 Billion in circulation, mainly due to the burning mechanism built into most of our contracts. Additionally, one billion+ token can only be minted by the vehicles from the current and future collections.

This means that owners of these vehicles must actively upgrade them for the vehicles to earn more $MCV tokens which in turn burns 60% of the tokens used to upgrade.

For example, if you own one Muscle Car, you only earn 1 $MCV token daily, this is the base for all primary NFTs. In order to earn more $MCV per day you have to upgrade your team or parts. Each upgrade increases your speed with a max of up to 34 $MCV for Muscle Cars and 30 for Super Cars.

Every time you upgrade, the total $MCV tokens needed to upgrade increases, 60% of which are always burned; 20% is reflected in holders of that collection, and 20% is sent to the treasury for future development.

There are 20,000 NFTs between both collections, and every single time any one of them gets upgraded, 60% of those tokens are burned forever.

Additionally, 90% of the $MCV tokens used to buy toolboxes from the Speedshop are burned, with 10% sent to the treasury.

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