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The Team

Matt MCONE - Little Shark - Bourbin

The MCVerse team is a head-down hard-working project with no VC backing and is 100% bootstrapped. Our team is DOXED to the official protocol core, and we have established a very engaged community of Web3 gamers.

A short list of creative items we have delivered.

  1. Your NFT earns locked tokens, so if you sell your NFT, you are also selling the locked tokens associated with that item. Providing accruing value based on daily earnings.

  2. Our developers are currently building out an open world specific to certain chains but fully interoperable with other EVM chains and projects on those chains.

  3. Our NFTs donโ€™t have to stay on the chain and wonโ€™t lose anything when going from one blockchain metaverse to another blockchain. The metadata, including XP, gained in games or tokens earned or modifications applied, will stay with you and travel back to your hub.

  4. Removing the need for soft currencies during gameplay, keeping true to the tokenomics, and letting transactions happen behind the scenes will be something youโ€™ll see adopted by future games as it will only make the gameplay experience more enjoyable and less disruptive.

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