MCVerse 101

WEB2 Game Features

User controlled racing games with Open-world in development
MCVerse: We are gamers and love playing traditional video games, and traditional games can benefit from the underlying technologies in WEB3. Using this technology, we can elevate the user experience and provide longer sustainable value for the time and money spent playing these games.

MCVerse Racing

Is an exciting arcade-style racing game that can be played on PC or MAC using XBOX or Playstation controllers. The game features fictional tracks inspired by other popular racing games, giving players a unique and thrilling racing experience. Players can use their Race Car NFTs, which they either minted themselves or purchased from a secondary NFT market, to select the vehicle they want to race with. As they compete in races, their cars earn XP and other prizes based on their performance.
With four distinct race tracks and multiple game modes, MCVerse Racing offers endless hours of racing fun. Players can compete against the clock and other players or even engage in a Battle Royale mode inspired by the classic game Twisted Metal. In this mode, players battle it out in an open arena, using weapons equipped on their vehicles to take down their opponents. They can also upgrade their weapons and ammunition to gain an edge.
MCVerse Racing is a fast-paced and action-packed game offering many features and gameplay options. Whether you're a seasoned racing game enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, MCVerse Racing is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Traditional Games include;

Player vs. Player Drag Racing Circuit Racing Tug of War Time Trials
Drifting Competitions (in development) Battle Royale (in development)
Players can create tournaments and challenge others, battle their way to the top of the ranks for bigger prizes, bragging rights, and limited edition skins and add-ons for their vehicles. With the development of the open-world MCVerse (Metaverse), players can explore at their own pace. There will be side quests, daily activities, and opportunities to build your future.
Our goal is that the interaction within this new gaming category will be indistinguishable from traditional games.