MCVerse 101
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  • Sell out 10,000 NFTs SuperCar NFTs
  • Deploy the first utility for $MCV within the economy.
  • Set up MCVerse assets, including Website and Twitter.
  • Marketing for MCVerse (ongoing)
  • Bridge Supercars from Harmony to AVAX.
  • Update EARNING from dual token to single token system.
  • Open MINT for Muscle Cars.
  • Consolidate Avalanche Hills and Grantsville into ONE user face.
  • Upgrade TOOLBOXES to be tradable NFTs.
  • Airdrop OG badges to wallets who minted Supercars.
  • Open PIXEL Racers mint for $MCV.
  • Update reflection contracts to include upgrades and mint revenue for Pixel Racers and OG Badge holders.
  • Increase brand exposure for MCVerse.
  • Look for meaningful brand partnerships within and outside of WEB3 gaming.
  • Sell billboard advertising space within MCVerse Racing and Open-world.
  • Launch the LEGENDARY NFT series.
  • Mint out Muscle Cars.


  • Publish the Drag Racing Beta version.
  • Publish circuit racing game mode in the beta version.
  • Publish additional race tracks in the beta version.
  • Open the Speed shop for players to buy toolboxes and equipment to add to race cars.
  • Redesign the Supercars to be shown in 3D in user garages.
  • Launch a tournament-style gaming mechanism within the MCVerse Racing beta.
  • Deploy browser-based mini-games that use MCV tokens for entry.
  • Launch in-game NFT modification so that players can customize their cars.
  • Add missions & games to map for additional $MCV utilities (ongoing).
  • Deploy a "FREE TO ROAM" world within the racing maps that will allow players to explore, search and find useful in-game items.
  • Launch Battle Royale Mode for players to compete in large-scale battle mode games using armor, guns, and ammunition.
  • Add MCVerse Racing to WEB3 game launchers.
  • Add MAC compatibility for the racing beta.
  • Mint Filling Stations (extremely limited quantities).
  • Introduce the CITIZENS gaming aspect of the MCVerse Metaverse.


  • Deploy first-edition farms.
  • Deploy a native MCVerse Marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade their gaming items for $MCV or Other tokens.
  • Introduce NFT Item NFTs as rewards for completing various in-game activities.
  • Deploy NFT RENTALs using Double Protocol as a partner for others to try out MCVerse Racing.
  • Add randomly distributed BONUS NFT drops to farming pools.