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Farming, DEFI, Swaps and Yield

DEFI: Decentralized Finance (DEFI) participants familiar with the WEB3 side of gaming can use the MCVerse token, MCV, and use it to swap, pair for LP, and stake $MCV to earn emissions. In development are multi-chain opportunities where $MCV can be used within other EVM chains and access similar decentralized protocols

WEB3 Features

This is the best of both worlds, where WEB2 meets WEB3 and transforms your gaming experience beyond the confines of traditional games.

You will need at least ONE NFT from one of our collections and $MCV tokens. Currently, there are only two NFT collections to choose from; Super Cars or Muscle Cars, and each collection has 10k, but not all are available. The first collection of Super Cars is entirely minted, and the only way to obtain one for your garage is from an NFT marketplace. Muscle Cars can be purchased from an NFT marketplace or minted for 1 AVAX each. If you own at least one MCVerse NFT, you will passively earn $MCV tokens which can be claimed from your bank, and if you need more $MCV tokens, you can always upgrade your NFT to earn more or look for liquidity from one of the many AVAX DEXs.

Beyond the traditional WEB2 games mentioned above, you will find the traditional WEB3 experience of click-and-collect games, missions, DEFI, and farming as you explore all the MCVerse has to offer; this is just the beginning.

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