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Your Super Car and Muscle Car need a boost! Mint as many toolboxes as you want, then add them to your favorite MCVerse race car NFT. Each modification that comes from a toolbox will provide you with in-game advantages.

MINT with $MCV

Toolboxes are minted using $MCV tokens.


Pay attention to which toolbox you are minting, if you only own Super Cars and you mint a Muscle Car toolbox, you will not be able to use it. But all is not lost, all unopened toolboxes are ERC721 NFTs and tradable.

Toolbox Modifications

To add MODS to your NFT, you will go to the Speed Shop from your map within the user interface and purchase toolboxes. Once you have the toolboxes, you can open them up, and the inventory will be added to your list.

To add MODS to your NFT, complete the contract and approval functions. You will see your LEVEL meter for the MODS you add increase as you add more.

Four levels of modifications, aka MODS, can be added to your NFT. Each MOD will provide an increase in your overall NFT performance. Each MOD can be leveled to and maxed out at Level 50

To level up, you must combine similar MODS to make them more powerful. MODS are purchased via Toolboxes.

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