MCVerse 101

NFT Race Cars

AKA Non Fungible Vehicles NFV

The MCVerse NFVs

Both collections provide similar access within the MCVerse. The biggest difference comes from the max rate at which they can earn $MCV tokens, also known as SPEED, and their handling and performance in the game. 3D Super Cars will start showing up in the near future.


Is a 10K collection that is completely sold out. If you want to add one to your garage, you must find one from an NFT marketplace.


Is a 10K collection open to mint from You can use $AVAX or $MCV tokens to mint as many as you would like. 4.29% Chance of hitting GOLD!

Upgrade & Earn.

All MCVerse NFVs start with a base speed of 1, which correlates to EARN (SPEED <=> EARN), and for every additional level of speed you upgrade your NFV, you receive an additional $MCV token daily. The cost to upgrade can be found here