Game Modes

Race For First

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Player vs. Player

Gaming has become a social aspect of everyday life for most people worldwide. MCVerse Racing embraces this social connection and allows players to create custom races and compete against their friends.

Move up the leader boards, earn XP every race, and you will also have a chance to earn NFTs that will be useful in-game and in the open world.

Drag Racing

This is the quickest game mode, allowing you to race 1v1 or get a group of 4 and see who is the fastest at getting off the starting line. Top speed doesn't matter as much in this mode as in acceleration and steering.

Circuit Racing

The circuit tracks are designed around cities, suburban settings, and closed circuits. Like all game modes, players can set up their races, join other live races or create tournaments.

These modes are longer than drag races, tend to have a minimum of 4 racers, and require combinations of finesse, control, top speed, drifting, and strategic use of your boost. Once you run out of your boost, that is it for the remainder of the race.

Time Trials

(in development)

How fast can you make it through the city? Have you mastered the corner drifts and executed your boost at the right time? There is no need to worry about other racers on the track during time trials because you are competing against time. This is a great introductory mode for new players looking to get a feel for the track and handling of their cars.

Those who master the tracks in this mode will move up the leaderboard and reap the rewards.

Battle Royale

(in development)

Open maps, a dozen war machines, weapons, explosions, and mayhem. The Battle Royale game mode will occur in an abandoned airport with plenty of room to roam and battle up to 12 players simultaneously.

This game mode has nothing to do with speed and everything to do with body armor, weapons, and artillery. Ensure you have enough body armor added to your Supercar or Muscle Car to withstand blows from machine guns, rocket launchers, and head-on collisions. Take on too much damage, and you will be eliminated from the match. Since damage is built into the NFTs, you must take your NFT to the garage after the game and have some work done. Players deciding not to make repairs to their NFT after the match will not be able to send that car into any other game modes until the repairs are made.

Tug of War

(in development)

The winner of this mode will have to time the start and use their boost to move the other play across the line. Players will attach their cars to using a chain with a flag in the middle. When the match starts, your goal is to be faster and stronger than your opponent so you can drag the flag into your score zone. This is a best of three rounds, with the winner earning rewards and the loser going home empty-handed.

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