MCVerse 101


Everything You Need to KNOW: Store, upgrade, and view your collection here. You can hire your mechanic or Pit-crew in the garage and upgrade your team and parts.

My Garage

This is a quick view of your total NFVs with the type breakdown to the right. As you can see, this garage has nine total NFVs that consist of 4 Muscle Cars and 5 Super Cars.
Below the OVERVIEW of your garage is a physical inventory of what you currently own, how much each earns per day, the locked balance, and unlocked claimable balances. You will also use this area to select which NFVs you want to upgrade or apply toolboxes to.

NFV Specifics

Please select it from your garage overview to view details on your NFV. Here you will see how many parts or team members you have upgraded, your daily earn is, and the current level of mods applied.


To increase your daily $MCV earnings, scroll down to the parts section of the garage page > Select the next available part or team member to upgrade > hire > confirm the transaction and enjoy more $MCV tokens.
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