Navigating the BANK

9% Interest: On all CLAIMED $MCV, you will earn 9% interest (APY) on your locked balance.

The MCVerse Bank

Here is where players will come to claim the $MCV tokens that they have earned through upgrading their NFTs and reflections from various distribution activities.


Locked Balance = The total amount of $MCV tokens you have claimed to date and that will be available to you at 1% per day starting approx. February 2024 (this number will continue to increase as you claim MCV). Savings Interest = 9% APY is earned on your LOCKED Balance and distributed to you unlocked. Locked Interest will stop when the NFV reaches its locked date. There will be no more interest after the mature date of the locked balances. Even if there is a locked balance on the NFV itself.


MCV to CLAIM = Locked MCV + Unlocked MCV + Reflections + Interest. Locked to Claim = The amount of MCV tokens locked to your savings account. Super Car's 60% LOCKED 40% UNLOCKED emission schedule will last until October 2023. Muscle Car is on a 70% LOCKED 30% UNLOCKED emission schedule, which will last until the end of February 2024. All based on BLOCK TIMES YEAR standards. Unlocked to Claim = The portion of your MCV tokens available now. These are sent to your wallet. If you do not see them, try loading the custom token into your wallet by using the contract: 0x916aBa115F5162960E48a2675Ad4d8cBD09CE8E4 Reflections = Revenue from various activities within MCVerse is redistributed to holders or NFTS in the form of reflections. These reflections are built into the smart contracts and are automatically air-dropped to holders of Muscle Cars, Supercars, Pixel Racers, OG Badge owners, and others in the future. Earning = This is the total amount of MCV tokens you are earning daily based on only your Supercars and Muscle Cars. To increase your daily earnings, you need to upgrade your NFTs.


MCV Lifetime Earnings = The total amount of MCV you have earned through upgrades, reflections, and interest. MCV Lifetime Spending = The total amount of MCV you have spent upgrading and minting plus any other activities. Locked Claimed to Date = All of your Locked MCV you have claimed. Unlocked Claimed to Date = All of the Unlocked MCV you have received. Reflections Claimed to Date = All of the reflections you have earned and claimed Interest Claimed to Date = All interest earned from your locked balance to date.


The Bank Statistics is an overview for all of MCVerse and not just reflective of your account. MCV Burned = the amount of MCV tokens sent to the burn wallet by creating various actions, buying toolboxes, upgrading and other future actions.

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