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Questing | Missions

Early adopters of NFTs have enjoyed a semi-passive approach to farming items such as tokens, collectibles, and other items used within the game. With these quests, also known as click and collect, users need at least one NFT item to participate. Quests usually follow some form of an objective-based directive that users must complete gaining access to the specific quest.

For example, QUEST NAME: MAX Speed

Requirements: 1 Muscle Car NFT + Max level speed Cost: Premium gas is 25 $MCV a gallon; if you are out of gas, fill up and get going. The full tank costs 100 $MCV tokens.

Description: Youโ€™ve been hired to transport a high-end client from Avax Hills to Grantsville.

Reward: The faster you go, the better the tip, but donโ€™t crash, and watch out for speed traps that will end your mission early, leaving you without any rewards. Top tip 500 $MCV Good tip 200 $MCV OK tip 50 $MCV Outcome: Rewards are distributed through an RNG; not all entrants will win the maximum reward.

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