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WEB2 gaming meets WEB3 technology.

MCVerse tip: For those wanting a crash course in the MCV project in sub sixty seconds before you degen, see below TLDR.


MCVerse is a WEB3 gaming project on the Avalanche Network. Using the native token $MCV and an NFT, you can earn, play, compete in various WEB2 racing games, and access WEB3 DEFI opportunities like yield farming and swaps.

The Market Cap of MCV is approximately $500K, with a circulating supply of approximately 6,250,000 tokens and over $79K in liquidity.

There is only one requirement to get started and that is owning at least one Super Car and/or Muscle Car NFT. These NFTs earning $MCV tokens at different rates (speed) based on upgrades and you can upgrade them using the $MCV token.

These tokens are used within the MCVerse metaverse as the primary gaming currency.

The MCVerse has been building for a little over two years and has delivered several assets that are usable and playable right now, including; NFT passive earning Comprehensive UI|UX allows members to view, upgrade, and claim tokens from their NFT.

Fully playable and user-controlled MCVerse 3D Racing game with two game modes and four tracks Custom bridge to move original NFTS and Tokens from Harmony to AVAX Custom swap page for token consolidation Dynamic parts for your NFT will provide increased control, speed, and handling as you add them with a lot more on the way.

The MCVerse aims to be a large-scale metaverse, which includes 3D games, native marketplaces, explorable cities, customizable NFTs, and launchpads for more MCVerse items and other projects looking to enter the new age of gaming.

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