❔What is the MCVerse?

Deployed on AVALANCHE NETWORK and runs on $MCV tokens.

More than one way to play.

Players use $MCV to purchase NFTs, collectibles, and other virtual assets and participate in various DeFi protocols. $MCV is the reward for completing missions and achieving milestones.

With MCV, we are building a thriving economy that benefits players and developers alike. We are deployed on EVM-compatible blockchains and wrapped in smart contracts.

Here is where WEB2 meets WEB3, and our protocols focus on providing tailored experiences for both players.

For the WEB2 players, there are traditional gaming mechanics that they have grown accustomed to, including; Controllers, PC and Console games (in development), and Mobile versions.

And for the WEB3 enthusiasts, we have built many popular and valuable dAPP protocols to maintain that truly democratized feeling that has become the gold standard in the space.

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