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The Bridge: from Harmony to Avalanche is officially available for transportation.

If you have not completed the following items, please do so now; 1. Set up AVAX Network in MetaMask: HERE


The general bridging process is FAST! You will see the SuperCars move to AVAX within seconds.

> You will only be able to send 50 Super Car NFTs at a time.

You can check the status of your transfer here > https://snowtrace.io/token/0xdAE165a6D46259E9b76882d19e9a2c90F99E2710#balances > use your MetaMask wallet address's last five digits to locate your queue. You will see how many were received and the percentage of transfers completed.

Using the Bridge.

1. Copy, cut, and paste (click on it) bridge.mcverse.app into your browser. 2. Make sure the browser you are using is also connected to the MetaMask you have your Grantsville Super Car NFT held in 3. Select Connect in the middle of the screen 4. Next page, wait for your Super Cars to load in the left window 5. Select BRIDGE ALL (You will only be able to send 50 Super Car NFTs at a time) 6. Confirm that you want to bridge via MetaMask popout 7. Confirm transactions 8. You should not see any Super Car NFTs on the left side at this point 9. All of your Super Car NFTs are in the queue to be transferred into Avax. 10. Sit back and wait; this may take a few seconds. 11. You can check on the status of your garage by going to https://avalanche.mcverse.app/#/mygarage (make sure you switch your MetaMask network to AVAX)

Swap $GVILLE for $MCV

Along with a new chain comes a new TOKEN, $MCV. All of your $HVILLE has already been converted into a 1:1 HVILE:GVILLE. Now all you have to do is SWAP your GVILLE into $MCV Head over to https://avalanche.mcverse.app/#/swap > make sure you are on AVAX RPC > Connect wallet if not already > Swap.

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