MCVerse Racing

Grab a Controller

Controller: You can sync up your favorite controller and start racing today. Our project is not waiting on the future development of games you can play. These games are being played right now.

MCVerse Racing is made for UNITY Gaming Engines and powered by the AVAX blockchain. Players will enjoy all the traditional details that make WEB2 gaming fun while benefiting from new WEB3 technologies.

Configure your Controller.

Our 3D racing game is user-controlled, emphasizing player vs. player and large group games. Players will race for 1st place in various tracks and compete for the top spots on the leaderboards.

What to Expect.

Players can expect a traditional 3D racing game that will test their skills through the open city and closed circuit courses. Not only will your skills be tested on the track, but you will also be responsible for maintaining your race car.

Cars run out of gas, and the nitrous oxide only goes so far in real life, and it is the same here. You must gas up before races and top off your in-game BOOST. For now, these activities will take place in your garage and will require $MCV tokens as payment.

Joining a Race.

Players must download the MCVerse Racing file and follow the install instructions. You must have one of the primary WEB3 wallets with at least one NFT.

Once the installation is complete and you have completed the wallet connection, you can go into the game mode menu and either create a new game setting with all of the parameters or you can join a race from the list of ones about to start.

On the Track.

The MCVerse Racing Game will test your skills to the max as you rip around corners and boost your way through the finish line earning XP and other secondary NFTs. Connect your car with your favorite controller via Bluetooth and add another level of comfort and enjoyment to your game while racing.

Modifications that you make to your Supercars and Muscle Cars off the track will impact how they perform in the game. Make sure you are taking advantage of TOOLBOXES and other after-market add-ons available to you.

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