HVILLE Tokenomics

Harmonyville - HVILLE - HRC20
HVILLE is the token for Harmonyville, and WenLamboNFT is the first stop on the map. It will provide the rewards for earnings, missions, the market, and you will use HVILLE to purchase Toolboxes, rent LAMBOS, buy music, accept assignments and play games.



300,000,000 MAX supply

Three million pre-minted for LP to give HVILLE an additional utility from the beginning.
15 million Mission Fund, Community Rewards released at .50% per day and locked in the bank vault
40 million for treasury – unlocked .10% per day
242 million will be earned & minted by holding a LAMBO

3,000,000 • Pre-minted for LP

We have partnered up with decentralized exchanges on Harmony Protocol to supply incentivized pools. Put your HVILLE to work right away and start earning other HRC20 tokens, including HVILLE.

15,000,000 • for Mission Fund

Community Rewards are released at .50% per day and locked in the bank vault. Missions will take place in and around Harmonyville. Each task will require a different set of attributes, Performance boost, XP, Tokens, other in-game items, and in some instances, other NFT's from other projects to complete missions. The mission rewards, large or small, will come from the mission fund.

40,000,000 • for Treasury Fund

Unlocked at .10% per day

Treasury funds are used for the operational costs of Harmonyville. Operating costs can include; additional LP, expansion, marketing, development, and future Harmonyville expenses. The Treasury is an essential part of the Harmonyville ecosystem. It will fund growth, innovation and it keeps the lights on.

242,000,000 • Available to EARN from staking

The remaining supply is minted by staking your LAMBO. As you claim HVILLE, they will follow a partial locking schedule for the first 12 months of staking.
*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.